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Check out our Area Committee meetings!

There are many opportunities to be of service on our Area committees. This schedule will be updated as meetings are announced by the incoming chairs for 2019:

Activities (chaired by Julia D.): TBA

Archives (chaired by Chase M.):TBA

Convention (chaired by Jesse S.):TBA

Event Recording (chaired by Shane): TBA

Fund Raising (chaired by Casey A.): TBA

Hospitals & Institutions (chaired by Cody N.): TBA

Internet (chaired by Shelby B): TBA

Public Information (chaired by Kyle R.): TBA

Schedules & Printing (chaired by Steve F.): TBA

Unity (chaired by Keith S.): TBA

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Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of recovering addicts throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries whose members meet in local groups.
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